Toiletries for Travel

My usual toiletries for any trip (under 3oz because I travel with nothing more than a back pack/carry on): Shaving cream, toothpaste (although I prefer Toms of Maine but they don’t travel size), The Naked Bee lotion, Toms of Maine deodorant, Yu-Be moisturizing skin cream (I use as a face cream), Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap which will act as a shampoo, body wash & detergent to wash my clothes in, razor, nail clipper, Q-tips, Blistex, Clear Eyes & Monkey Balm that can be used to help clear sinuses, stuffy nose, headaches, bruising, etc!!


Living Beyond the Surface

Because life is based upon temporaryism; it is important to live beyond the surface.

 It is a human flaw to have shallow personalities. Relationships are a trend; constructed out of comfort, common insecurities and personality traits. Bonds between souls are formed by commonalities in existing lifestyles.