The Happy Book

Originally this book was titled “The Book of Ananda,” meaning a book about happiness or bliss when I first wrote it in January of 2017. It was also meant to have four “chapters,” listed as: Happy Moon, Cheerful Sun, Jolly Earth, and Bubbly Star. Fast Forward to December 2018, I decided that it was meant to be as one rather than individuals. This is a book meant for the children in your life or even the child within yourself.

The moon is happy.

Be happy like the moon.

The sun is cheerful.

Be cheerful like the sun.

The earth is jolly.

Be jolly like the earth.

The stars are bright.

Be bright like the stars.

You are the moon,

A MIGHTY moon.

You are the sun,


You are the earth,


 You are a star,


Backyard Adventures of Bunny and Me

Bunny and me

we went out to the sea,

drifting with the ocean breeze.

We stopped by an isle of trees and

drank coconut by threes,

as much as we please!

Bunny and me

had our own  little jamboree,

went on a dancing spree,

feeling wild and free and

filled with so much glee!

Bunny and me

we like to jump on leaves,

spinning and twirling with ease.

Then pretending we had ski’s,

sliding down a mountain screaming “WHEEEE!”

The Gypsy and the Nomad Intro

When I was 7 or 8 months pregnant with my daughter Ananda in the summer of 2013, I had a vision. As your children get older, they become interested in knowing how their two loves (mommy and daddy) found each other. Well, I am a believer in fairy tales, and each and every one of us has their very own fairy tale to tell.

Below is an introduction to my fairy tale, a children’s book for my little love, Ananda. A story of how her mommy and daddy met.

The Gypsy and the Nomad

There lived a young gypsy in a land painted in russet color of amber gold and red. Where the animals sing in tune, where the moon chases the warm day away, and the stars dance brightly into the morning hour.

She was wild and fierce as an Indian Summer in late autumn. Predictable yet unpredictable. Her tenacious spirit and spellbinding smile warmed even the coldest of hearts.

Not so far away lingered a young nomad. He was patient and mysterious as the northern lights. Isolated but always adapting. His heart was tied to the world, but kept returning to the land painted in russet color of amber gold and red.