ABC Day 1: A is for Acceptance

Acceptance sometimes sounds like such an easy feat but in actuality, it can be one of the hardest thing for anyone to conquer.

Acceptance starts with learning to accept yourself. Accept who you were, who you are now, only then you can become who you are meant to be. 

Accept your present circumstances. Acknowledge that everything in life is temporary and how you react to your present circumstances will determine your outcome. 

There will be infinite possibilities for you on this journey once you have a mindset of acceptance. Accept yourself and your present circumstances wholeheartedly-your flaws, your mistakes, your failures, all the positives and all the negatives in your life. 

You can only begin to move forward through acceptance


As children we were taught our ABC’s which paved a way for freedom. Literacy is a form of freedom. But what about personal freedom that will allow us to blossom as a person and stay blooming? 

For the next 26 days, starting today, I encourage you to practice with me what I call, ABC: Mindful Self Blossoming. To have personal freedom, the revolution must start within us. 

Let us begin our journey to being our own love. 


When we think about being mindful, we often think about how the choices we make will affect someone or something.

Our mind is cluttered and we are present for everyone and everything else but ourselves.

Mindfulness must start from within us.

Being mindful is to be conscious. We must learn to be conscious with not only our thoughts but also with our body. Consume food that will heal and nourish your body.  Exercise the vehicle that your soul is in, so you can dance a little louder and love this world a little longer.

Be mindful to you.