When we think about being mindful, we often think about how the choices we make will affect someone or something.

Our mind is cluttered and we are present for everyone and everything else but ourselves.

Mindfulness must start from within us.

Being mindful is to be conscious. We must learn to be conscious with not only our thoughts but also with our body. Consume food that will heal and nourish your body.  Exercise the vehicle that your soul is in, so you can dance a little louder and love this world a little longer.

Be mindful to you.

No One But You

Written August 10th, 2017


No one can love you,

as much as you can love yourself.

No one can believe in you,

as much as you can believe in yourself.

No one can be as patient with you,

as you are with yourself.

No one can be forgiving of you,

as you are with yourself.

No one but you.

Nobody Sees Anybody

“Nobody sees anybody truly but all through the flaws of their own egos. That is the way we all see …each other in life. Vanity, fear, desire, competition– all such distortions within our own egos– condition our vision of those in relation to us. Add to those distortions to our own egos the corresponding distortions in the egos of others, and you see how cloudy the glass must become through which we look at each other. That’s how it is in all living relationships except when there is that rare case of two people who love intensely enough to burn through all those layers of opacity and see each other’s naked hearts.” (Letter to Gadge~Tennesse Williams)


There is nothing in life that is permanent. This vessle is just a temporary home for our soul to exist; to gain different experiences so that our true conscience can grow spirtuality, mentality, physically in every form we take.

You Are What You Love



Food for thought on a gorgeous Friday!

I tend to do this quite frequently with people. I only have room for positive, drama free, light hearted people. Life is to spectacular to be wasted dealing with people’s bullsh*t idiosyncrasies. You are what you love; you attract what you love, consciously & subconsciously. So think about what it is you truly love.

The Mind and the Heart

What is life without disappointments, heartbreaks, celebrations, and temporary bliss? All the negatives and all the positives in your life have lead you to become who you are today. Experiences are our intangible riches. So embrace them. The mind and the heart is interconnected; one cannot function without the other. So you can never blame either one for the choices you have made. Whether that choice was made by trusting your instinct (your heart) or made purely on a mental level.

Living Beyond the Surface

Because life is based upon temporaryism; it is important to live beyond the surface.

 It is a human flaw to have shallow personalities. Relationships are a trend; constructed out of comfort, common insecurities and personality traits. Bonds between souls are formed by commonalities in existing lifestyles.