Confessions of a Momma

Perhaps I am not the ordinary female who played marriage and kids growing up but surely someone out there must feel the way I do.

What is it that I feel? Let me tell you.

Prior to my being pregnant, and during my pregnancy, I heard many mothers tell me that the physical pain I will endure during childbirth will subside completely and that I will fall utterly and completely in love at the first sight at my own little miracle.

Unfortunately no one cared to tell me about the discomfort of postpartum pregnancy!

But no, I did not fall utterly in love with my daughter at first sight. This devastated me as a person and a new mother. I was supposed to be in a state of euphoria in these sweet tender moments of her new life on Earth.

What I did feel was a sense of responsibility: to shelter her from harm, to provide her with a peaceful and loving environment where she can learn and grow, and to be her teacher when she needs guidance.

I did however, rose in love with her: her contagiousness, the way her eyes sparkle in delight, the way her smile illuminates any darkness that I feel, the way her laughter is music to my soul, and the way the power of her love is faithful, unyielding, translucent and best of all, unconditional for ME.

I did not fall in love with my daughter. I rose utterly and completely in love with her. She is the light of my world.



There is nothing in life that is permanent. This vessle is just a temporary home for our soul to exist; to gain different experiences so that our true conscience can grow spirtuality, mentality, physically in every form we take.

The Gypsy and the Nomad Intro

When I was 7 or 8 months pregnant with my daughter Ananda in the summer of 2013, I had a vision. As your children get older, they become interested in knowing how their two loves (mommy and daddy) found each other. Well, I am a believer in fairy tales, and each and every one of us has their very own fairy tale to tell.

Below is an introduction to my fairy tale, a children’s book for my little love, Ananda. A story of how her mommy and daddy met.

The Gypsy and the Nomad

There lived a young gypsy in a land painted in russet color of amber gold and red. Where the animals sing in tune, where the moon chases the warm day away, and the stars dance brightly into the morning hour.

She was wild and fierce as an Indian Summer in late autumn. Predictable yet unpredictable. Her tenacious spirit and spellbinding smile warmed even the coldest of hearts.

Not so far away lingered a young nomad. He was patient and mysterious as the northern lights. Isolated but always adapting. His heart was tied to the world, but kept returning to the land painted in russet color of amber gold and red.

Life of Leaves


Scattered leaves rejoices as the autumn rain showers them with love.

They remain calm until the wind carry them to their final resting grounds.

Winter will bury them with love underneath the brittle cold earth.

Patiently they await for the arms of spring to embrace them.

Together they will dance into the fierce summer.

Propylene Glycol…in WHAAAA?? Dressing?!


Take a good look at these two items. You wouldn’t think their ingredients would have anything in common simply because one is used to help freshen your breath and prevent cavities and the other is used for slathering on a healthy salad and consuming, right? Negative my dear friends…you would be surprised by what they both have in common.

I’m 95% organic in what I consume, what I put on my body, and what I use for household products. Quite frankly, I am nervous that my descendants will not be able to see the beauty of their home, Planet Earth, because they will be too occupied trying to clean up the mess of previous generations: oil spills, land-fills, polluted lakes, rivers, oceans, and forests. Therefore it is important to me that what I consume and use is not only safe and healthy for my family but also for the planet. Obviously, I won’t have much of a choice should I decide to have dinner with friends at a large chain restaurant where produce will not be bought from local farms and most definitely will not be organic. I can also assure you that the dishwasher detergents that are being used are filled with harsh chemicals. Chemical ingredients that most of us cannot even pronounce and have very limited to zero knowledge about, unless we’re chemists of course.

Anyhoo, back to the images. Both the ACT mouthwash and Christie’s Low Fat Zinfandel Vinaigrette contain Propylene Glycol. “The acute oral toxicity of propylene glycol is very low, and large quantities are required to cause perceptible health damage in humans.” It can be found in cosmetics, household products, paints, and automotive products such as brake fluids. YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?! The same chemical compound that is found in automotive brake fluid, antifreeze, and coolant–Propylene Glycol–is an active ingredient in a salad dressing?!

This does not sit well with me. Is ignorance really a bliss?! Ask yourself this: when was the last time you actually took the time to read the ingredients on a food label? Not the nutritional value section but the actual ingredients and researched it?!

While life is about living and enjoyment (in moderation, of course, because too much of anything can’t be good for you either), your health is the only thing that will allow you to live your life as you desire. Therefore, each and everyone one of us should take the time to read the ingredients on a food label; research the ingredients, do your homework! The things that you don’t question are the things that are likely to be causing deadly long-term health issues, possibly even for you!

Remember, you are what you eat, and quite frankly I do not want to consume a chemical compound that can be found in automotive products. Do you?!!!


You Are What You Love



Food for thought on a gorgeous Friday!

I tend to do this quite frequently with people. I only have room for positive, drama free, light hearted people. Life is to spectacular to be wasted dealing with people’s bullsh*t idiosyncrasies. You are what you love; you attract what you love, consciously & subconsciously. So think about what it is you truly love.

The Mind and the Heart

What is life without disappointments, heartbreaks, celebrations, and temporary bliss? All the negatives and all the positives in your life have lead you to become who you are today. Experiences are our intangible riches. So embrace them. The mind and the heart is interconnected; one cannot function without the other. So you can never blame either one for the choices you have made. Whether that choice was made by trusting your instinct (your heart) or made purely on a mental level.

Toiletries for Travel

My usual toiletries for any trip (under 3oz because I travel with nothing more than a back pack/carry on): Shaving cream, toothpaste (although I prefer Toms of Maine but they don’t travel size), The Naked Bee lotion, Toms of Maine deodorant, Yu-Be moisturizing skin cream (I use as a face cream), Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap which will act as a shampoo, body wash & detergent to wash my clothes in, razor, nail clipper, Q-tips, Blistex, Clear Eyes & Monkey Balm that can be used to help clear sinuses, stuffy nose, headaches, bruising, etc!!